"Love, Porsche" Story Overview

“Love, Porsche” is a conceptual mixtape based around a long winter break Porsche Love spent in his hometown—Orange County, California while home from university in Nashville.

The story begins with Porsche flying in to Orange County from Nashville. A mysterious girl whose name is not revealed yet, perhaps a long distance lover, picks Porsche up from the airport. They spend the week in Orange County, roaming around the beach cities and sleeping at Porsche’s house, as it is revealed that his family is away on holiday vacation. On the last night before Porsche’s family returns to Orange County, the girl asks him if he has plans for New Year’s Eve. He says no and they spend their last night together.

A week goes by without communication from either side and New Year’s Eve rolls around. Porsche and his friends are invited to a party and they decide to attend. At the party, Porsche locks eyes with a girl he had been familiar with but never pursued. Her name is also not revealed yet. They share a New Years kiss and then decide to leave the party in her car and drive to the beach. While at the beach, the two go night swimming in the freezing water and end up being too tired to drive back into the city. They fall asleep on the shore together.

When sleeping that night, Porsche has a dream that he is at the same beach—but with a different girl, possibly an ex-girlfriend. Her name is revealed as Heather. In the dream, he is filled with happiness—but it abruptly ends with Heather drifting apart from him in the water. He wakes up next to the girl from the party—whose name is now revealed as Auburn.

Porsche checks his phone and sobers up to dozens of texts and missed calls from friends and family wondering where he is. The most notable messages come from a girl named Jade, who is revealed as the girl who picked him up from the airport. Jade is upset that Porsche didn’t let her know he was going to a party and says she heard that he left the party with another girl. It is also revealed that Porsche and Jade are NOT boyfriend and girlfriend.

Jade asks Porsche which girl he left with—name dropping Heather, a girl named Chloe and a girl named Savannah “from Nashville.” This reveals that there are even more layers to Porsche’s life and the story than originally assumed.

Porsche empathizes with Jade but also doesn’t feel morally in the wrong because they aren’t exclusive or even together. He reveals that Jade was the one who chose not to do long distance with him while he was in Nashville. Porsche concludes that Jade only cares more now because she thinks she may be losing him to someone else. Here it is revealed that Porsche and Jade were an item before he left Orange County for Nashville.

Jade and Porsche reconcile but Porsche is wary of her intentions. After she texts him late at night to come over to her place, Porsche accuses her of booty calling him and hangs out with Auburn instead. On this night, Porsche finds out that Auburn and Jade were childhood friends, but don’t talk much anymore.

Porsche and Auburn attend a local winter fair the next day. At the fair, they run into Heather, Porsche’s ex from the dream on the beach. Here it is revealed she was his first love. Auburn and Heather, who know each other from high school, pretend to be cordial but Porsche senses the passive aggressiveness. He pulls Auburn away but feels bad that he didn’t speak with Heather at all.

The next day, Porsche wakes up to a call from Heather. They talk for a while and catch up and she apologizes for making him feel uncomfortable at the fair. She asks if he is seeing Auburn now and he tells her that they just linked up at the New Year’s party and it’s nothing serious—seeing as he lives in Nashville. Heather invites Porsche to a party her friend is hosting at a beach house and Porsche is hesitant but agrees to go. After he hangs up the phone, he has flashbacks of his past relationship with Heather. It was a young, passionate relationship but the two proved to be incompatible. He thinks maybe now that they’re older, things may be different.

Porsche attends the party and runs into old friends—notably his childhood friend Chloe who he briefly had a summer fling with. Heather and Chloe used to dislike each other from fighting over Porsche, but the bad feelings are in the past now. The girls are friendly and even take pictures together. Porsche doesn’t expect much at the party, but one thing leads to another and he and Heather find themselves making out in the stairwell leading down to the beach. They decide to leave the party and do their own thing. The pair call a taxi to a hotel in Laguna Beach and make love all night. They fall back in love, only to realize that Porsche is leaving back to Nashville in two days.

Heather and Porsche spend Porsche’s last day in Orange County together, visiting their favorite spots from when they dated. From a window outside Harbor House Diner in Dana Point, Jade sees Heather and Porsche talking and laughing. She is visibly hurt. Auburn is left wondering what happened with her and Porsche, unaware that he reunited with Heather.

Heather drives Porsche to the airport the next day. They ultimately decide they can’t do long distance but that they will come back to each other after college. When Porsche lands in Nashville, a new girl picks him up, who is revealed to be Savannah. On the drive, Porsche receives an unsettling call from someone who is not yet revealed to the reader.

~ Mark Damian