Porsche Love is a recording artist from Orange County, California, admired by fans for his captivating melodies and distinctive vocal tone. His music brings listeners into his world, largely influenced by the landscapes and beaches in Southern California. Porsche puts his home county on display through his evocative lyrics and vibrant visuals. His portrayal of Orange County is alluring—almost fictional—highlighting its unparalleled beauty and mystique. Porsche finds himself as the prince in his own story, floating through the coastal cities and romanticizing his adventures. While little is known of the Pop/Hip Hop singer’s origins, his musical journey can be traced back to the beginning of 2020.

Emerging from SoundCloud demos, “Pre Love,” to his first all-platforms compilation, “Genesis,” Porsche earned a dedicated fan base over the course of a year. He grew substantially in 2021, accruing 5x more streams than in 2020, with singles surpassing 2 million streams. In 2022, he released his debut mixtape “Love, Porsche” along with a concept-narrated version, “Love, Porsche: The Complete Experience.” The project doubled his listener-base on Spotify and now boasts over 10 million streams.

Porsche plans to continue releasing music consistently in 2023 and is expecting another year of strong growth. His upcoming compilation, “Doves & Spades” will be available worldwide on September 1, 2023. ~ Mark Damian